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Dave’s Gunsmithing, LLC will be moving New Jersey in September, 2016. No additional work will be accepted. All current projects will be completed before we move.  Thank you to all of our friends in Georgia, you will be missed.

I guess it is my time to appreciate the value of State enforced defenselessness; but I can still and will vote!

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Because the next Supreme Court Justice will be appointed by the next president and they determine constitutionality.

I cannot recommend another gunsmith in the area. Be careful in finding one because much of this work can result in potentially dangerous conditions and no licencing is required. Please ask them to show you their formal training credentials as I provided to all my customers. Formal training should mean they know the the physics of how firearms work. Taking a gun apart and putting it together again, no matter how many times you do it, does not teach you why it works the way it does and what changes might be dangerous. They should be proud to show their credentials and insurance documents to you.

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